Bad Breath Dos and Don'ts

The Dos

1. Check out your current dentist for your bad breath. In certain instances, it can be diagnosed as being a tissue dilemma.
2. Get your teeth properly cleaned twice yearly.
3. Floss on a regular basis to help clear yourself of bad breath from food particles between your teeth.
4. Drinking water comes with several positive aspects. Drink 10-12 glasses of water every day to stay free of dry mouth that causes bad breath.
5. Chew on cloves, fennel seeds and mint for a light aroma in the event of bad breath.
6. Thoroughly clean the mouth area with water immediately after eating foods having dairy or rich in protein.
7. Make an effort to eat fruits and veggies to the amount that's manageable!
8. Make use of mouth washes which contain fluoride and or free of alcohol. Flouride serves as the solution for combating bad breath.

The Don'ts

1. Don’t disregard your bad breath. Educating yourself is definitely the answer to your condition.
2. Stay away from enjoying an excessive amount of coffee.
3. Never quit thinking about cleaning up the back side of your teeth and tongue. Dead skin and foodstuff that are the primary culprits of bad breath, normally obscure and thrive in these areas.
4. Remember to rinse your toothbrush in mouthwash and carefully brush the top and back side of your tongue.
5. Avoid too much amount of alcohol. Alcohol will make your mouth dry and again causing bad breath.
6. Certain medication will also cause dry mouth. This may as well trigger bad breath.


drebezel said...

thanks for the info... i prefer the eating fruits. tasty and nutrious :-) said...

Thanks for this post. I agree that optimal oral hygiene is a must, so that bad breath is not exacerbated.

Cleaning the tongue and under the gumline is vital.

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