Testing If You Have Bad Breath Using 5 Simple Techniques

You may find it difficult to smell your own personal breath at times. Even though you try to sniff your own breath by cupping your hands over to your mouth and nose, you are truly just smelling your own hands and not really your own breath. If you feel you have bad breath but do not wish to embarrass yourself by asking someone then you may be thinking about a few easy breath techniques that you can do at this time.

1. Hands Test - Possibly the simplest as well as best-known method would be to merely lick the rear of the hands, giving it 5 to 10 seconds to dry out. After that sniff your hands and if it smells then you know you have bad breath.

2. Gauze Test - Get yourself a piece of gauze or cotton wool and wipe your tongue with it. This test is similar to the hands test but this time your also checking if you have any yellowish stain along your tongue. Should you observe that, it is a quite strong sign of bad breath.

3. Spoon Test - Get a spoon from your kitchen and turn the spoon upside down and use it to scrape along the top layer of your tongue. Let the stuff dry and then sniff it.

4. Floss Test - You may also consider using dental floss and run it a few times in between your teeth. Allow the floss to dry and then sniff it. Even though, from almost all instances, the actual bad breath issue does not really result from the teeth but the excess breakdowns from food can show a sign that relates to starting the issue. This process will even provide you with a concept of what exactly your own breath would smell like to other people around you.

5. Mirror Test - Use any mirror you have and have your tongue stick out as far as you can let it out and check if you have a layer of white stuff building in the back of your tongue. This can tell how bad your breath is and the more further the white stuff reaches the back of your tongue to your throat the more worse your breath will smell.


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